Smiles and Sunflowers Cupcake Decorating Fun Palace

This Fun Palace will teach you how to make 6 cupcakes with sugar sunflowers on them. This will be done with a video tutorial from Miss Ellie’s of Coventry plus materials provided on Saturday 3rd October. This activity is for ‘Pass the Smile for Ben’ who will be forever 7 and always part of our community.

Primary Contact

Ellie McCann

Date and Time

Friday 1st October 2021 11:00-17:00


Newcombe Road,
West Midlands,
United Kingdom,
pass the smnile.jpg


Every year in Earlsdon Coventry we remember Ben who will be forever 7. Ben passed from a rare from of Childhood Cancer and to remember him during Childhood Cancer Awareness month in September Earlsdon ‘GOES GOLD’.  Ben’s favourite flower was Sunflower and many houses, shops, libraries and schools have sunflower displays with  gold ribbons. 

An awareness raising charity has been established called Pass the Smile which is intended to pass fun and joy across the community in Bens name. 

This year, with the help of Fun Palaces, Miss Ellie’s of Coventry is able to offer 10 young people an online sunflower cupcake making tutorial with materials. 

The tutorial will be available to everyone though, so if you are able to provide your own materials you are more than welcome to access the tutorial and join in the fun. 

Due to Covid restrictions, this will be delivered on a digital platform with the materials available for contactless collection on Saturday morning from Miss Ellie’s HQ.

Full details of participation will be sent to the participants privately with times for collection to enable effective social distancing. 


Friday 1st October 2021


Collection time for boxes and the tutorial goes live.


Our wonderful participants in a collage, such a great activity with so much positive feedback! Thank you all.
Posted 5/10/2020 by Ellie McCann
The first cupcakes have been made and I have to say they are simply stunning!
Posted 3/10/2020 by Ellie McCann

How to make cupcakes with buttercream
Posted 3/10/2020 by Ellie McCann

How to make a sunflower from fondant
Posted 3/10/2020 by Ellie McCann
All boxed up and ready to go. The tutorial will be loaded tomorrow morning to the Facebook page @Miss Ellie's of Coventry so anyone can join in.
I am so looking forward to meeting all the participants and sharing this Fun Palace activity.
Posted 2/10/2020 by Ellie McCann
The batch of cupcakes we made for the tutorial were delivered to ben's primary school today.
Posted 1/10/2020 by Ellie McCann
We have almost completed the tutorial and have made the first batch of sunflower cupcakes – they are going spare so who would like them?
Posted 30/09/2020 by Ellie McCann
The boxes are starting to fill up…
Posted 29/09/2020 by Ellie McCann

We are already oversubscribed with 11 people participating (2 are sharing a box) and 1 more who will use the tutorial and will provide her own materials. This really is feeling like a proper Fun Palace.

Thanks to Harry, James, Rowan, Ramona, Mia, Abbie, Tessa, Toby, Ella, Caleb, Freddie and Dawn for signing up. 

The boxes will be ready to collect from Miss Ellie’s HQ on Saturday 2nd and I cannot wait to see your creations. 

Posted 29/09/2020 by Ellie McCann

The boxes have been ordered, the Community will be told today about this great Fun palace and a rather large shopping trip is planned for tomorrow – get those cake decorators ready to Pass the Smile by making some delicious sunflower cupcakes. 

Posted 28/09/2020 by Ellie McCann