National Maritime Museum Fun Palace

Take part in our giant Fun Palace collaborative artwork in the windows of the National Maritime Museum from the comfort of your very own home! We will be sending out activity packs co-designed with local communities and artists for you to make your own tiny fun palaces. Send us a picture and it will end up in the our front windows to celebrate the brilliance and creativity of our local communities!

Primary Contact

Charlotte Paddock


Date and Time

Friday 1st October 2021 11:00-15:00


Park Row,
Greater London,
United Kingdom,
SE10 9NF


AK Final Snip.PNG


For Fun Palaces this year we have commissioned artists, Amber Goneni and Yvonne Shelling, to work with our local communities to create a Fun Palaces activity pack for you to make at home. 

The activity packs will help you to celebrate the brilliance of your own creativity as well as your neighbourhood’s in a fun and safe way! We will be encouraging you to complete the activities and create tiny Fun Palaces in your homes, windows and even on your pavements outside. 

We’d then love for you to share your creations with us by uploading a picture of them on our webpage

Amber and Yvonne will collate all of the responses we receive into a huge artwork that will be placed in the windows of the National Maritime Museum to celebrate our fantatsically creative and resilient local communities. 

You can also take part in a workshop at the museum on 3rd October led by Amber and Yvonne to continue adding to the giant artwork in our windows!