Linlithgow – the original Fun Palace


Create your own ‘fun palace’ at home inspired by the parties held at Linlithgow Palace by the Stuart kings & queens using our online resources! Share your entertainment with us at #LearningWithHES

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Date and Time

Thursday 30th September 2021
Friday 1st October 2021
Saturday 2nd October 2021


This Fun Palace is taking place online

West Lothian,
United Kingdom,
EH49 7AL

No activities take place at the palace – activities are online.




Visit to find lots of activity ideas including how to make your own jesters hat!

Or follow these links to find out how you can create your own entertainment or make your own royal biscuits.

You can also book a visit to the palace to see where the parties happened – including the fountain that overflowed with wine! Advance booking essential.  See website for up to date information & opening times –


Here’s an epic poem contributed by Neil Davidson for Linlithgow Fun Palace – an alternative take on the story of Mary Queen of Scots.  Spoiler alert, gruesome ending!

A long time ago in days of old,

A royal story has been told ,

Of a queen who returned to claim,

Linlithgow Palace as her hame.


Now this was nae ordinary queen,

She wis the maist striking you’d ever seen,

The Queen of Scots was how she was known,

Into a beautiful woman she had grown.


Now a little kent fact aboot oor Mary,

Is she liked to party and get a bit lairy,

She’d invite her pals to come roond the palace,

To eat some scran and raise a chalice.


At yin such do, they’d sat doon tae feast,

But were interrupted by the priest,

“I’m sorry your highness but this isnae good…”

“Somebody forgot to order the food!”


The Queen was ragin’ and stamped her feet,

It looked like she was aboot tae greet,

Naebody really knew what to do,

Until someone ordered a Deliveroo


Now Mary was a little perplexed,

That you could order dinner by sending a text,

“It’s called technology your royal highness”

The priest did whisper with a touch of wryness.


“Show me more” the Queen demanded,

“This all seems very underhanded”

So the priest then took her for a dander,

To show her where they film Outlander.


The Queen was amazed by all the tech,

When all she had was a ruff roond her neck,

She grabbed a phone and ran for the gate

The priest gave chase but she widnae wait.


Mary was fascinated with the new device,

And it quickly turned into a vice,

And as she sat and stared at the phone,

She failed to notice a wayward drone.


It dropped from the sky at frightening pace,

Until it was almost at Mary’s face,

It’s blades whirled roond at a frightening speed,

And that’s how Mary lost her heid!

Posted 4/10/2020 by fiona davidson
Royal Biscuit making equipment gathered!
Posted 2/10/2020 by fiona davidson
juggling equipment gathered!
Posted 2/10/2020 by fiona davidson