Lancaster Hundredth Birthday Poem Fun Palace


Look out for the poem “June 8” by Dr Norbert Hirschhorn on @lancasterfp twitter and @lancasterfunpal instagram and send us some of your creations inspired by the creative prompts online and in the long description below.


This Fun Palace is taking place online

King Street,
United Kingdom


In 1993 President Clinton declared Dr Norbert Hirschhorn to be an “American Health Hero” whose pioneering work in the field of pediatrics/rehydration therapy had saved millions of lives.  In Sept 2016 the same Dr Hirschhorn won first prize at a One Minute Monologue event held at Lancaster Library as part of a competition run by Atticus Bookshop. With the writer’s kind permission the winning piece has been recorded for Lancaster Fun Palace. You will be able to find it on our twitter, facebook and instagram over the Fun Palace weekend.
 ‘Imagine YOUR 100th Birthday! What sort of day is it? What kind of world? How will you be marking your 100 years on the planet? Perhaps of course you’ll be spending it on another planet altogether… either way we’d like to hear from you … Write your own 100th birthday monologue, story or poem… in no more than 100 words & share it with us online via email or social media. Don’t forget to tag #funpalaces as well as @lancasterfp