Grampian New Skills Fun Palace

We wanted to share new skills we explored in 2020 and inspire yours.

Primary Contact

Paula Brown

Date and Time

Friday 2nd October 2020 10:00-
Sunday 4th October 2020 10:00-17:00


United Kingdom,
AB42 5PB

Front garden free shop 2/3/4 October – food, seeds, resources, instructions – details nearer the time. Facebook @grampiandementialnc



Everyone has had their lives disrupted in some way this year and many people spent a lot of time at home.
Some people are thinking about food and access to it. Some have been learning new techniques. Some have started growing food.
Some people might not be able to think of anything they have tried this year that is new but the point is that there is still time.
I’m sending out seeds, bulbs and resource sheets to local projects so that everybody can have a go.
I am going to have a mini free shop outside my house too, 3-5 October, for people to take as they wish. Resources, recipes, veg, herbs, seeds etc.
The online event will involve pictures and film clips but it’s  mostly about trying new things.
I’ve learned to make goat’s cheese, yoghurt, sourdough, and I’ve grown veg for the first time ever. I will share my learning!