Get crafty at Beki’s Digital Fun Palace


Sharing my love of crafting, I’ll be doing a mini 3d decoupage card workshop.

Get in touch if you’d like to share a skill or join in!

Primary Contact

Beki Jones

Date and Time

Friday 1st October 2021
Saturday 2nd October 2021


This Fun Palace is taking place online

Gleadless Road,
South Yorkshire,
United Kingdom,
S2 3AS

private home

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Short zoom sessions that are a  bit crafty. 

One for adults, and one for children. 

The idea is to share skills and crafts, please get in touch if you want to join in and share something you are passionate about!

Please note, the children’s session on zoom will only be for people I know but I am happy to supply details of activities kids are sharing to people who wish to do it in their own time at home.


Friday 1st October 2021


zoom session at 2pm.
If you are not local, I can email templates and instructions for you to print before session.

I will be showing you how to make a 3d decoupage card.

I have limited time on zoom but can add another meeting straight after so we can continue

Saturday 2nd October 2021


children\’s zoom for attendees known to myself. Instructions and templates available on request if you would like to do at home yourself:
koi carp fish game craft
invisible secret message


After few technical issues (password failed and had to restart zoom session), nice tiny group making 3d decoupage card! 

I asked if they would like to share a skill/hobby/passion.

John gave us tips for drawing, types of paper and pencils to use and types of shading with a pen (pointillism or cross hatching).

May showed us her char sui pork buns and shared a recipe, discussing variations of fillings.

Anna talked about how to make Apple, blackberry and elderberry jelly, much clearer and tastier than jam!

Posted 3/10/2020 by Rebecca Jones
Posted 3/10/2020 by Rebecca Jones
Posted 24/09/2020 by Rebecca Jones

I’m hoping to provide adult friends and crafty people a simple 3d decoupage card kit that I will be making myself from different sets. I can provide printed instructions and printable decoupage for people living further away who have their own materials. To go with it, I am hoping to do a short zoom session to show people how to make the card. Ideally, I would like people to get involved and share a skill or craft that can be easily translated on zoom and with things people may already have, but it can just be a watch and learn.

My son and I will also be doing a mini zoom session and craft packs for children at his school (as it will be easier to do local). I may be able to provide templates and instructions for people to have a go if they don’t live locally. Again, I would like others to get involved, my son will be showing a science experiment to clean a dirty penny, and I will be showing how to do something crafty.

Posted 23/09/2020 by Rebecca Jones