Draw Your Own Fun Palace

What does ‘Community’ mean to you? Download the template, or use a piece of paper you have there, and draw or paint your vision of Community. It could be a place, a person, family, friends, neighbours, etc. It could be abstract representing your feelings. Then put it in your front window and share it with everyone passing the house. Take a photo and post it on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and tag us @darnallWB. Prizes for the ones that tell us about YOUR community. Younger people might like to colour in our Scarecrows and display those too.

Mini scarecrows for Fun Palaces 2020.jpg


You can make a Fun Palace at home! Below there are two templates for you to complete and display.

1)     Decorate the Scarecrow, design a colourful outfit that will stand out and draw attention.

Click here to download Scarecrow template

2)     Under the Fun Palaces banner draw a picture, that tells us what COMMUNITY means to you and how you feel about it.

Click here to download Community Spirit template

Display your pictures in your front window to share with your friends and neighbours. Please take a photo of your pictures and email them to us at dwb.enquiries@darnallwellbeing.org.uk or post them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tag us @darnallWB  (Prizes for the ones we enjoy most) 

As we approach Tiny #FunPalaces weekend we’d like to ask everybody, if possible, to use #FunPalaces & @FunPalaces when using social media.

That way, we are able to share what’s happening across the world. We’ve trended on Twitter before – let’s try for it again. Thanks all!


Posted 30/09/2020 by Claire Fretwell
Community Spirit template
Posted 30/09/2020 by Claire Fretwell