Dangerous Pockets @ Number 22 Coalville Fun Palace

A fantastic showcase of 400 ‘dangerous pockets’. People are invited to come and chat (no more than 4 in a group at a time are permitted entry due to covid). Why pockets? Pockets were considered dangerous as women could put ‘dangerous’ campaigny types of things in them, banning pockets prevented that! Will you be inspired to make a pocket at home? What will you make your pocket out of, and what will you put in it? Feel free to have a mini fun palace at home and bring your pockets to hang with the others at Number 22! Starts on the first weekend in October – and runs for all of October so don’t worry if you can’t make it on the first weekend. The Dangerous Pockets Exhibition kindly shared by Paula MacGregor. Due to Covid please ensure all guidelines are followed and please don’t come along if you have any symptoms or are living with anyone with any symptoms.

Primary Contact

Deana Wildgoose


Date and Time

Thursday 30th September 2021 10:00-16:00
Friday 1st October 2021 10:00-16:00


Hotel Street,
United Kingdom,
LE67 3EP
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Number 22 Community Hub in Coalville is hosting an exhibition of  400 dangerous pockets… 

Come and visit between 10-4 on 2nd (Friday) or 3rd  (Saturday) October to see it and make a pocket to take away in their newly created & free craft space.

If you are a maker or sewer please feel free to come and spend some time in the craft room helping others to make theirs – or just come for a sit and a chat. 

The exhibition will be up for the whole of October – so feel free to come during opening times.

All the latest physical distancing guidelines are followed at Number 22 – come with a mask and be prepared to be temperature zapped! Number 22 are a disability friendly venue and everyone is welcome.

The Dangerous Pocket Exhibition created by Paul MacGregor, mixed media artist @ www.paulamacgregor.com 


Thursday 30th September 2021


10 am until 4pm – browse the exhibition and make a pocket! or just sit and have a chat and a cuppa!

Friday 1st October 2021


10 am until 4pm – browse the exhibition and make a pocket! or just sit and have a chat and a cuppa!


Image of the colourful entrance to Number 22 on Hotel Street Coalville
Posted 30/08/2020 by Deana Wildgoose
One of the pockets embroidered with lots of little cards, paint brushes , books and arty things sticking out of it - with words on that say I can and I do stitched on
an example of one of the Dangerous Pockets
Posted 28/08/2020 by Deana Wildgoose