Billund Fun Palace

Hej, thanks for joining in the fun. Billund needs more FUN right? So let’s make it happen together and create our own Fun Palace. #FunPalaces is an international campaign to inspire people and communities to create our own culture, our own fun and show each other what makes us and our place unique. Billund is a weird, small, amazingly diverse and sometimes smelly kind of town. It is filled with hidden creativity, passions and lots of pizza. What makes Billund a great place to be? YOU do! Making a Fun Palace together is a way for us to have an event where we can share our skills and passions, meet and make new friends and create our own entertainment. Maybe you skateboard, play the kazoo, observe the stars, make edible art, invent machines. What would you like to share? What would you like to learn or experience? Fun Palaces are about joining in to do something different. They are inclusive, for everyone, all ages. It is what we make it – by us, for us, with our ideas of fun, culture and creativity. The 2020 international fun palace weekend is 3/4 October and Billund Fun Palace will be on Saturday 3 October, 12 – 16.00 at Billund Skolen.

Primary Contact

Rachel Faulkner

Date and Time

Saturday 3rd October 2020 11:45-16:00



Parking at the Idrætscentre car park. Entry via door B. Event is all on the ground floor. Welcome desk with information. Accessible toilets. Cafe Hygge area.

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Hello Billund.. Fun Palace has been a little quiet, because.. Corona! Things are going in the right direction in Denmark and we are still hoping to have a Fun Palace in October, though it might be a bit different to last year and will be put together quickly. We plan to have two community meetings after the summer where we can all share ideas and see how we Billundians can make a safe, fun, creative event that looks after everyone – maybe it will be outdoors, maybe it will have time slots, maybe… we know you have lots of good ideas and we can work it out together.

The events will be: Sunday 23 August, 10 – 11.30, Open Planning Meeting. Sunday 13 September, 10 – 11.30, Final Planning Meeting. Venue is likely to be Bilund Skolen, but to be confirmed depending on the corona situation after summer. 

Meantime, have a wonderful summer ❤️ The 2020 Billund Fun Palace team.

Posted 26/06/2020 by Rachel Faulkner