We have put together a menu of useful information and good ideas to help you build your Fun Palace, including advice for funding and publicity.

We will continue adding material here so keep checking and please give us feedback on anything else you need to make your Fun Palace the best it can be.

It’s vital to us that everyone taking part in a Fun Palace knows they are part of a wider campaign for culture at the heart of every community, so please make sure to check the Style Guidelines and Posters and Logos in particular, so the people at your Fun Palace know they are part of something both very local AND much bigger.

Click on the blue links below to find out more:

Marketing and Press:


  • FUNDING YOUR FUN PALACE: How to fund your Fun Palace (or make it with no extra funding like 70% of 2017 Fun Palaces Makers!) – we’ve got ideas from borrowing from your neighbours to applying for official funding. We’ll keep updating this as we get new information.

Planning your Fun Palace:

Health & Safety

Other helpful links:

Our friends at Voluntary Arts have a fantastic set of resources covering a range of topics from Data Protection to crowdfunding.