Sydenham Fun Palace

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Sydenham Fun Palace

44a Sydenham Rd, London, UK, SE26 5QX

5th October, 2019 - 12:00PM - 4:00PM

6th October, 2019 - 12:00PM - 4:00PM

Sydenham Fun Palaces are where the whole community come together to share their favourite hobbies, skills, interests and passions with others to make connections and have fun! Last year, local people shared their skills in bee-keeping, banana fritter-making, life-drawing, dancing, photography, cardboard castle building, and much more!
Whatever your age or background, we invite you to get involved – share a skill with someone, try something you’ve never done, or just make some new friends!

We have three wonderful Fun Palaces going on over the weekend – here they are:
Sydenham Centre Saturday, 44A Sydenham Road SE26 5QX, Sat 5 October 12.00-4.00 pm
TNG Youth Centre Fun Palace, 111 Wells Park Road, SE26 6AD, Sat 5 October 12.00-4.00 pm
Sydenham Centre Sunday, 44A Sydenham Road, SE26 5QX, Sun 6 October 12.00-4.00 pm

We’ll add details below for activities at each Fun Palace, there’s loads of great stuff going on at all of them and it’s all FREE!



12:00pm Cake Decorating
12:00pm Create a community garden (activity finishes 3 pm)
12:00pm Crime Scene Investigation - have fun learning how detectives solve crime
02:00pm Samba band and workshop
01:30pm FREE tasters of climbing wall - sessions throughout afternoon
12:00pm Community Piano - see if you can play your favourite tune!
03:00pm Sam Wilkinson performs in the Main Hall
12:00pm Slimy science - all afternoon
12:00pm Digital Photography - drop in between 12 - 3 pm
12:00pm Dance and Shadow Puppetry Workshop (ages 3 - 13)
12:00pm Genealogy - trace your ancestors - drop in till 4 pm
12:30pm Creative Writing workshop for age 8+
01:00pm Learn a Victorian music hall song with professional singers
01:45pm Talk and Q&A on Victorian Music Hall
02:00pm Laughter Yoga
02:15pm Victorian Music Hall performance, Dress up and join in
03:00pm Life drawing and modelling
03:00pm Video presentation of high street photos (links to Digital Photography workshop)
12:00pm All afternoon: Arts and Crafts workshops
12:30pm Hair Bow making
12:30pm Leaf art
12:30pm Make your own puppet
12:00pm Meet the police horses! Runs till approx. 2 pm over on Queensthorpe Square opposite the Sydenham Centre
02:30pm Zumba with professional workshop leader
03:30pm Singalong around the piano

Fun Palace at TNG Youth & Community Centre

10.14pm October 3, 2019

Sam Wilkinson to sing at Sydenham Fun Palace at TNG on 5 October

Photo added Photos by Mark Drinkwater, Ann Pownall and Ian Macaulay show Victoria Summers, crafts workshops, genealogy workshop, digital photography workshop, life drawing, Keeping Shop photo exhibition, 'singalong' Victorian music hall performance

Update on Sydenham Centre Saturday (5 Oct) activities!

Our full programme of activities at Sydenham Centre on Sat 5 Oct can now be viewed here: Here's a brief overview of what to expect:   12-3pm DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY with Mark Drinkwater and Gerald Jones - bring your digital camera or camera-phone and learn how to take better pictures. Then head into the high-street and using Ann Pownall's photo exhibition KEEPING SHOP (2005) capture your own images of this bustling shopping area   12-1pm DANCE & SHADOW PUPPETRY WORKSHOP with the cast of Spontaneous Productions' PINOCCHIO (suitable for children aged 3-13, complete beginners welcome)   12-4pm GENEALOGY WORKSHOP with Richard Travell. Learn how to trace your family's history   12.30-2pm CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP 'WHO WE ARE' with Victoria Summers. A fun exploration of identity, through script-writing, suitable for young people aged 8+   1-1.45pm LEARN A VICTORIAN MUSIC HALL song with professional singers, complete beginners welcome   1.45-2.15pm Enjoy a talk and Q&A session about VICTORIAN MUSIC HALL by Ken Watson   2-3pm LAUGHTER YOGA with Annie Pownall - a unique concept combining playful laughter exercises with yogic breathing   2.15-3pm VICTORIAN MUSIC HALL presentation by professional actor-singers. Dress up in Victorian costume and join in on a couple of numbers (see workshop above)   3-4pm LIFE DRAWING with Anna Lovely of the Lovely Gallery. Try you hand at life drawing and take turns modelling for each other (clothing optional!)   3-4pm VIDEO PRESENTATION of photographs of the high street by participants in the digital photography workshop (see above)   Also: ARTS & CRAFTS WORKSHOPS for children all afternoon (noon-1.30pm jewellery making, 2-3pm print-making, 2.30-3.30pm make and decorate a heart-shaped box)

Sunday 6th October

The Fun Palace fun continues on Sunday 6th at the Sydenham Centre as Montage Theatre Arts lead a number of fun and free activities for the whole family! From 12:30-2:30 we have some incredible interactive arts workshops including Hair Bow making, Leaf Art and Make Your Own Puppet (there's also face painting!!) Then at 2:30 why not join us for some Zumba? A fun and enjoyable dance workshop lead by an industry professional dancer (all skill levels welcome!) Finally, at 3:30 we will have a lot of fun singing around the piano! Come and join us for an old fashioned sing-a-long!

Update on Sydenham Centre Saturday (5 Oct) activities!

Sydenham Fun Palace at Sydenham Centre on Saturday 5 Oct (12noon-4pm) is shaping up to be a very exciting programme of activities, including: Dance and shadow puppetry workshop with the cast of Spontaneous Productions' PINOCCHIO (suitable for children aged 4-10), Main Hall stage 12noon-1pm. Then learn a Victorian music hall song with professional musicians and singers (1-1.45pm) before learning all about the Victorian music hall tradition with Ken Watson (1.45-2.15pm) then take part in a Victorian music hall show (costume optional!) - 2.15-3pm (Main Hall stage). Alongside these activities, participate in street photography with Mark Drinkwater and Gerald Jones (inspired by photos of the high street shops taken in 2005) - we'll project the results on the stage from 3-4pm. There's also Laughter Yoga with Annie Pownall (2-3pm), plus arts and crafts activities and creative writing for children between 1-3pm. Plus life drawing for adults (modelling optional!) times tbc. And lots more yet to be announced...

Look at all the amazing stuff we have lined up for the Sydenham Fun Palaces!

A brilliant steering group meeting last Thursday!  We already have an amazing list of activities happening at our Fun Palaces, with loads more incredible and creative ideas for more!  Take a look at what's lined up so far:

  • photo booth
  • cake decorating
  • singing workshops
  • crime scene investigation
  • slime making
  • music hall
  • bike repair
  • wind band
  • meet police horses
  • high street shops frieze
  • choirs
  • puppetry
  • science of clean air and pollution
  • dance for all ages
There's still room for more - so if you feel inspired to give it a go, please get in touch on 020 8314 3830 or 07392 860155.  Science-based, health and fitness, crafts and skills-based, hobbies - we want it all!

Sydenham Fun Palaces at the Sydenham Centre

We will have Fun Palaces running on both Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October, from 12.00 - 4.00 pm, at the Sydenham Centre, 44A Sydenham Road SE26 5QX, right next to the Post Office.  We will have a great programme running on both days - please get in touch if there is an activity you would like to offer.

Sydenham Fun Palace at TNG Youth Centre

Our fantastic Fun Palace will be on Saturday 5th October from 12.00 - 4.00 pm, at 111 Wells Park Road, SE26 6AD, right next to Sydenham Wells Park.  Please let us know if you want to offer an activity, and look out for more on what will be a fantastic programme coming up!