St James’s Piccadilly Eco Fun Palace

St James’s Piccadilly Eco Fun Palace

Piccadilly, London, UK, W1J 9LL

8th October, 2017 - 9:15AM - 6:00PM

We aim to build on last year’s Eco Fun Palace, and make a celebration of planet Earth on Harvest Sunday. We have many creative individuals and groups in our geographically dispersed community, and an amazing range of science and arts organisations very close by. Together, we are ready to explore new forms of cultural engagement with the natural world.



9.35am September 1, 2017

The drumming and singing in our courtyard at last year's Fun Palace were hugely popular and the cry went up for even more music this year.We are looking for all sorts of pop-up performances from choirs, bands, individuals, and maybe even the fabled St James's ukelele orchestra. Soul Sanctuary gospel choir will be on site for the 6.00pm liturgy (not to be missed). Come along for a preview at 2.45 when they will be doing a pop-up set in the courtyard. Miriam and Sara are collaborating on composing new music as part of our censer installation in the garden. Hildegard, a long-time friend of our community, will sing music from Hildegard von Bingen, and lead her own choir in some community music-making. You'll also be able to have a go at making your own instruments out of all sorts of recycled stuff, guided by Paul, a man whose many and surprising talents keep on emerging...  

How to make a Fun Palace, St James\'s Piccadilly style

9.36am September 1, 2017

As Stella says, and as we found out last year, actually making a Fun Palace is half the battle and half the fun. This year we are better organised with a longer lead time, so there is time for the kind of creative conversations that help an event emerge 'organically'. By the end of our first meeting we had a thousand ideas and a strapline: 'with wonder and empathy'. Since then, our Fun Palace has morphed into a pilgrimage around our site, with places to visit along the way to engage, make, wonder and discuss. These places include a labyrinth for walking and contemplation; a giant censer in our garden with accompanying music and meditation; a cloud chamber brought to life by physicist Gavin Hesketh; hands-on practical genetics with our friends from the Linnean Society in Burlington House; and the return of our crocheted coral reef - with sea urchin! There is much more in the pipeline - check back here for updates in the weeks to come