Grange Big Local’s Fun Palace

Grange Big Local’s Fun Palace

Ann Owens Centre, Oak Lane, London, UK, N2 8LT

8th October, 2017 - 12:00PM - 4:00PM

Our Fun Palace will have music, things to make and do, sports to try and people to chat to. Grange Big Local is all about local people: their passions and talents.



Grange Big Local Fun Palace - what will you find? Sun 8 October 12-4pm
Eco Art with East Finchley Open Artists
Yumminess - Learn to make Vietnamese Summer Rolls with @AsianFoodAdventure
Flying High - Make model Aeroplanes with RAF Museum
Learn Circus Skills with Airborne Circus
Brainy Buffoonery - Find out how your brain works with Dr Catherine Loveday
Nail Painting with Vales Nails and Art Against Knives
Calligraphy Corner - learn to write characters in different languages
Science with Saj - try your hand at some experiments
Thai Kick Boxing with East Finchley Combat Academy
Real Game of Thrones - archaeology with Barnet Museum's Battle of Barnet dig
Have a go on a ukelele with North London Ukelele Club
Climb on a Fire Engine (timing depends on emergencies)
Big Bubbles with Leo
Watercolours with Vera
Apple Press - make apple juice with Roger
Leprechauns, Rainbows and a Pot of Gold - storytelling with Ministry of Stories
Bouncy Castle (wouldn't be a festival without one)
Grange Big Local's table - give us your ideas
Nature Table with Long Lane Pasture
Phoenix Cinema
Destination N2
Beat making with Jimmy
Music programme
12:00pm London Metropolitan Brass
12:45pm Steel Pan Drums with Abdul Williams
01:15pm Airborne Circus demonstration
01:25pm Indian Raga on the cello with Dinah Beamish
01:30pm String quartet - Brilliant Strings
01:45pm Thai Kick Boxing Deminstration with East Finchley Combat Academy
01:55pm The Lab - music from Art Against Knives
02:25pm WondRWomn
02:55pm Dance Performance from I Can Dance
03:25pm The Rockin Bones
04:00pm Close

Thank you to everyone who helped and everyone who came.

Share your immigration stories with @DestinationN2

Is it really all free?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that all the activities and music are free. There will be food on sale - from Majjo's Floss's Cupcakes Café Buzz doing pancakes Margot's Bakery Pizza by Pizza Massimo And ice cream. But, you are welcome to bring a picnic - tea and coffee will be free - and if you want to make your own Vietnamese Summer Rolls or press your own juice, you can eat for free too.

Preview of Brilliant Strings

We are very proud to welcome Brilliant Strings, including Grange Big Local board member Dinah Beamish, to our Fun Palace. Listen to them here, with Pete Bennett

Thank you to all our lovely volunteer leafletters - these boys and @goodgymbarnet

Polska Szkola

Very happy to welcome the Polish School to our Fun Palace. Not sure what they will be up to yet, but it wouldn't be a Fun Palace if we knew what was going to happen.

Phoenix Cinema

Very happy to welcome our lovely local cinema to the Fun Palace - thank you.

Haven Estate Agents are sponsoring the Fun Palace!

thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou You are incredibly kind!

Brilliant Strings

We are very lucky to welcome Brilliant Strings - Anne Stephenson, Gini Ball, Claire Orsler and Grange Big Local's very own Dinah Beamish - to our Fun Palace. They will playing a mix of stuff from Czardas to Elvis to Tom Jones, with a little Vivaldi thrown in. The list of artists they have worked with is just as wide-ranging. Have a look at their website here (seriously - click around a bit) Dinah will be around to let people have a try at the playing the cello on the afternoon, when she isn't playing for us.

Long Lane Pasture, our local nature reserve, will be joining us

Grange Big Local at Grange Big Local's Fun Palace

Grange Big Local will have our stall at the Fun Palace, but we are there purely to listen to you. We are a community association, based in East Finchley, because a small pocket of N2, bounded by the North Circular, East End Road, Church Lane and the High Road has been awarded some funding from Big Lottery, through Local Trust. We can spend this in any way that local people choose, so please come along and give us your ideas, tell us what you think of the ideas other people have had, put your name down for our newsletter or volunteer to help us. You can join our Facebook group here or check out our website here We look forward to meeting you.

Leprechauns, Rainbows and a Pot of Gold with Ministry of Stories

Let your imagination run free with Ministry of Stories and tell us your tales - with many thanks to very bubbly Kate. To find out more about Ministry of Stories, chack out their website here  

East Finchley Open Artists - Eco-Art

We have a poster..

London Metropolitan Brass Band

We are very pleased that London Metropolitan Brass Band will be performing. In addition to this band, they have beginner's band, for people who would like to learn a brass instrument for free. And membership for school-children is free. Some members of the band will be around afterwards, for anyone who wants to have a toot. Find out more about them here: Visual Text

Watercolour painting with Vera

Vera Moore will be teaching watercolours to anyone who wants to have a try. For more information about her art classes check out her website here:

Big Bubbles with Leo

The Real Game of Thrones

We are very excited to welcome Barnet Museum to our Fun Palace. They will be bringing along some of their finds from the Battle of Barnet archaeological dig and they need help cleaning them up. The Battle of Barnet is the only historic battlefield within London. The battle took place in 1471, as part of the War of the Roses. You can find out more of the story and help with some real archaeology at our Fun Palace Thanks so much Mike.

Ever fancied a go on the ukelele? Meet North London Ukelele Club

Have a go at Thai kick-boxing with the fab East Finchley Combat Academy

Science stuff

We have a crack team of scientists, led by the fantastic Saj, with experiments and microscopes and answers to all your how and why questions. Saj is an Emeritus Reader in Oral Biology from UCL, and she will be joined by a team of volunteer science teachers and researchers.


The music line up is still to be announced, but I wanted to give a shout out to the kind, hardworking volunteers who have been putting the programme together. A big thank you to James Masters, co-owner of Rekids Dinah Beamish, cellist And Mary Otumahana - WondrWomn Thank you - can't wait to hear what you put on.  

Bridge building

Learn about building strong and stable structures with the very kind Blanca and Alan, who will be building balsa wood bridges. Blanca and Alan are local architects - you can find their website here They will be helped through the day by engineer Chris and furniture designer/ cabinet maker Olly Visual Text

Finchley Fire Station will be there with an engine you can climb on and in, and East Finchley Safer Neighbourhood Team are coming too. Many thanks to Matt and Jan.

Calligraphy Corner

Have a go at writing characters in different scripts - neighbours on hand to show you how to have a go at writing in Farsi, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi and other languages,  

Nail Painting with Vales Nails and Art Against Knives

Brainy Buffoonery

Would you like to find out more about how your brain works? Dr Catherine Loveday, principal lecturer in cognitive neuroscience at Westminster University will be at the Grange Big Local Fun Palace with some fun experiments for you to try. If you want to learn more, Catherine has written a book called The Secret Life of the Brain. You can find it here Thanks for coming along, Catherine - looking forward to seeing you. Visual Text

The Circus Is Coming To Town Ever fancied having a go at juggling, diablo, stilts, hoops or skipping? Airborne Circus will be there to show you what you need to know. Check out their website here 

Flying high

The lovely Joe Sullivan from the RAF Museum will be coming along to the Grange Big Local  Fun Palace for a little model aeroplane building. Thanks Joe! You can check out the museum's website here


9.55am June 29, 2017

A little shout out for the cooks who will be sharing their talents at the Fun Palace. The lovely Naomi, who writes the Asian Food Adventures blog, is volunteering to teach people how to make Vietnamese Summer Rolls. You can find out more about her, and check out her amazing recipes,  here   Roger will be bringing the apple press from the Forest School at Martin Primary, so you can have a go at making fresh apple juice. Here is a link to the Forest School   Finally, Saj will be busy with science experiments, but that doesn't mean you can't take a peek at her recipes in the meantime.   Thanks for all your help, you three.  

East Finchley Open Artists

It seemed time to start filling in a little bit of the programme for the Grange Big Local Fun Palace. First up are East Finchley Open Artists, who will be teaching people how to make eco-art using recycled materials. East Finchley Open Artists are a group of local artists and craftspeople with an ethos that hopes to inspire and share ideas. They are very much at the heart of community events. A huge thank you to Joan Padel, Caitlin Smail, Diana Stoker, Judith Devons and Peter Kyte for volunteering, and to Myra Lawson and Peter Hale for helping to organise this. I'm really looking forward to seeing you. In the meantime, anyone who wants to see their work and support our local artists, is welcome at East Finchley Open Artists open house weekends on 1/2 July and 8/9 July. The details are on their website.  

We have started planning

On Sunday we had our first meeting to plan Grange Big Local's Fun Palace. 17 local volunteers turned up, including artists, musicians, scientists, food bloggers and a sports coach. My vision of a Fun Palace is like the perfect English beach, with waves, sand and rockpools. And ice-cream. Always ice-cream. Our Fun Palace won't look anything like a beach but there will be space to run around in, things to build, places to sit and small curious stuff to examine. And ice-cream. We have a budget, we have a venue and we have people who want to help make this happen. If there is anything you would like to learn or do, or anything you would like to teach or share, please get in touch.  

We have started planning

Grange Big Local - who are we?

Grange Big Local is a community association, run by volunteers, and formed because a small pocket of East Finchley has been awarded money from the Big Lottery Fund and Local Trust. You can find out more about us at or follow us on @grangebl. This is our first Fun Palace, but you can catch a bit of last year's festival and learn more about us here We would love to hear from you.