Farnham Fun Palace

Farnham Fun Palace

38 West St, Farnham, Surrey, UK, GU9 7DX

7th October, 2017 - 11:00AM - 5:00PM

This page is all about process. It is about what happens as we make our 4th Fun Palace. You’ll see a lot of firsthand experiments, play, questions, thinking, learning, and yes, fun! We hope it inspires some of you to try a little bit of everything, make new connections and ultimately get involved.


Photo added This weekend we are part of 'Unseen Artists', FADEG's exhibition at the Maltings, our local art centre. This is a hugely diverse and inclusive event. It showcases the work of 22 community groups and individuals of all ages and all abilities*. 22 groups and individuals who make art in and around Farnham. All in 1 room for 1 weekend. The result is splendid! There are paintings, drawings, photographs, sculpture on the walls and spread across many tables. The visitors can take part too - there are invitations to draw, to write and to make. And as we stroll amongst the works of art, we are treated to Acapella and Gaelic folk music. And cake!   We met FADEG this time last year - we were visiting their community art exhibition. They took to the Fun Palace and were a great part of it last October. This year they've asked us to be part of their exhibition. It feels really good to be among all those groups. To be part of the community. To see the Fun Palace recognised. The Fun Palace is so much more than a weekend. It is our life now. It makes us as we make it. We grow with it.   * The Unseen Artists are: Farnham Repair Cafe, Pauline Lalor, Larking Arts, Phoebe Reynolds, the Thursday Club, U3A, Brightwells Gostrey Club, Creative Response, Kingsley Art Group, the Abbey School students, Opportunities, The children of St Andrew's Church, a Farnham garden, John O'Neill, Post 19, FDFAS Young Arts, Kevin Pearson at Combat Stress, Russell Billington, St Peter's School at Farnham Pottery with West Street Potters & Robert Watts' Photography, Surrey Young Carers with West Street Potters, Angela Shaw at Farnham Local Food & Farnham Eco-Cinema, FADEG & John Bush. And us. Check them all out!

Unseen Artists : art from the community

We are very pleased to be part of  ‘Unseen Artists : art from the community’ this weekend. It will be staged by Farnham Art and Design Education Group at the Maltings Saturday 18th from 10.00 till 5.00 and Sunday 19th from 10.00 till 4.00. Over 20 community groups will exhibit alongside local art groups. We'll be there too! See you there?

1rst day, 1rst post

We had our 1rst Fun Palace meeting tonight. Larking Arts and FADEG were here. As well as Liz from the Museum and Paul from the library. So, first day, first announcement: the Farnham Library will be part of the Fun Palace this year! We are SO happy about this. It took some time to meet the right person, but we did thanks to Gary from the Surrey libraries. We talked about getting the visitors to record an excerpt of the book that got them into reading, we talked about creating a Maker Space, we talked about doing something in their splendid gardens. So many possibilities. Now. First day, second announcement: the museum will do even more than lending us their gallery - they will take part in the Fun Palace (it will involve skeletons and stuff and LOTS of fun). And then there was a hugely exciting conversation about joining the 2 venues in a creative parkour. It would involve loops and mapping and FADEG making it a part of their Big Draw Festival (the theme is Living Lines this year). And much much more... One day, 2 new participants, 1 hugely exciting project. We've had more difficult starts. It's just a question of time, isn't it? We are very grateful to all the Makers who joined us tonight and shared ideas, have volunteered their time and skills to make the 4th Farnham Fun Palace. Thank you all for a fantastic evening! To be continued...