Brockwell Lido Fun Palace

Chalking the slabs

Brockwell Lido Fun Palace

Brockwell Park, Dulwich Rd, London, -, United Kingdom, SE24 0PA

2nd October, 2016 - 11:00AM - 5:00PM

Science, art, community engagement, around water, to do with water, challenges, the park.


11:00am Kayaks for adults and kids, Rob & his team until 5pm
11:00am Barrie the Illusioneer until 5pm
11:00am Behaviour Science, Heather and the LSE until 5pm
11:00am Rainbow Science, the neuroscientists, until 5pm
11:00am Exciting x-rays, Mandy, until 5pm
11:00am Build a Brain, Lizzie & the neuroscientists until 5pm
11:00am Ebony Horse Club, Sue and riders and horses! Until 5pm
11:00am CSI, Matt, Amie, Michelle until 1pm (on again later)
11:00am Windrush food/spin bike challenge, Emily & Nick. Until 5pm
11:00am Microbe Olympics, Lizzie & the Neuroscientists, until 5pm
11:00am Eco Games, Paula & Tracey, until 5pm
11:00am Joe, Joan, Roger and Rowan the girl Noctule bat! Until 5pm
11:00am Stroke Association, Bob, Shirley, John, Paula until 5pm
11:15am Quiz, Joanna & Richard, until 1pm. Collect scavenger info here
11:30am Julie, physicist, scientific swimmer. Until 12.30 (on later)
12:00pm Lego at the Lido, Jack & Hayley, Camper Van in Car park until 2pm
12:30pm Swim Fit with Streamline's Mike & Sarah until 1pm
01:00pm Dive in 5! Mike & Sarah until 1.20pm
01:30pm Julie, physicist, scientific swimmer. Until 2.30pm
02:00pm Silverfit Cheerleaders, Alan & Edwina until 2.15 (pom poms included)
02:00pm Maths on Toast, it tastes GOOD! Alexandra, until 5pm
02:30pm Scavenger Hunt in Brockwell Park, Richard & Joanna, until 4.30
02:30pm CSI, Matt, Amie, Michelle until 4.30
02:30pm Silverfit Cheerleaders, Alan & Edwina until 2.45pm (pom poms to the ready!)
03:00pm Swim Fit with Streamline's Mike & Sarah until 3.30pm
03:30pm Dive in 5! Mike & Sarah until 3.50 pm

More...More...Always More to Say!

6.34pm September 26, 2016

The third Brockwell Lido Fun Palace returns on 2 October from 11am-5pm.   Collect a wristband from the Lido turnstiles.  It’s all free!  This year’s line up:
Horses from the Ebony Horse Club, kayaks for adults and kids, a physicist/scientific swimmer who talks/demonstrates about the body and water (swim wear advisable), Streamline’s swim fit and dive in five (swim wear advisable). Windrush will challenge you with food and a spin bike.  Barrie will create more illusions, the LSE will be working on behaviour science.  Lizzie and the neuroscientists will be on hand with Microbe Olympics and rainbow science and will show you how to build a brain.  Guess the x-ray!  Silverfit cheerleaders will be showing you how to work your pom pom (pom poms included) and there’s a food quiz and scavenger hunt in the park.  Come and meet Rowan the girl Noctule bat with her carers and talk to Joe from the Bat Conservation Trust who will show you how easy it is to make your own bat box.  NO FEEDING OR TOUCHING ROWAN.  But you can feed Joe.  Test your detective skills with real SOCs (scene of crime investigators) and a CSI story especially created, or build lego masterpieces in a camper van in the car park.  Eco games return and we promise that maths on toast tastes good!  And talking of taste, the Lido Cafe will be offering half price food for the day, inside and at the beach hut.  And if it all gets too much, the Stroke Association will be taking blood pressure all day.

Meet Bat Man, Learn How To Make A Bat Box and Save Endangered Species.

5.15pm September 20, 2016

Swim Fitness with Lido Mike & Sarah from Streamline Swims

10.03am September 20, 2016

With or without a wetsuit, take the opportunity to have a free 30 min swim fit session with Lido Mike & Sarah from Streamline Swims and then learn to dive in 5! Streamline Swims founder Mike Johnstone “Lido Mike” is a proactive and inspirational swimming coach/teacher and open water specialist.  As a fully qualified ASA and IOS licensed professional teacher and ASA Level 3 Club Coach, with a BA Hons in Physical Education, Mike works with swimmers across a wide range of abilities, from beginners to channel swimmers and elite triathletes. An exceptional communicator, Mike’s ability to transfer his wealth of knowledge and experience in a calm and friendly manner, has helped countless swimmers and triathletes improve their technique and performance.

Meet physicist Julie Gould, & Learn About the Science of Swimming

9.56am September 20, 2016

'Ever wondered why you float?  Why we use  goggles?  Or why you swim faster under the water than on top?  There is so much science in swimming, and by knowing just a bit more about it, you can really improve your technique, and maybe your speed!  Using various demonstrations both in and out of the water, the Science of Swimming explores how science and swimming are interlinked.

swimmers, come get wet and learn all about the science of swimming & how to dive in 5!

5.28pm September 19, 2016

swimming people, if you're free on 2nd October we have some lovely watery treats for you at the Brockwell Lido Fun Palace. Lido Mike and Sarah will be giving you 2 free 30 min swim fit sessions and 2 dive in 5 sessions, and Julie Gould, our scientific swimmer, will be teaching you all about swimming, water and what happens to our bodies in the water... so come along, with or without a wetsuit, no need to book, it's all free, there will be a schedule of events up soon...

The Banners Are Up!

3.49pm September 18, 2016

The Banners Are On The Way!

7.54am September 12, 2016

Thanks to EverythingBranded!

10.14am August 23, 2016

We’re delighted that EverythingBranded is sponsoring the 2016 entry wristbands for the Brockwell Lido Fun Palace.  We know that people like to take something home from an event of any kind, and this year’s wristbands are lovely, come in two colours, red and blue (in keeping with the Fun Palace colours) and will guarantee free entry to our Fun Palace on 2nd October 2016.  Very much a people led event, Fun Palaces is a public engagement weekend, where everyone is welcome to try something new, offer their skills, or just lie back and stare at the sky.  The pressure is off.

This year we welcome cheerleaders, bat man, kayaks, magic, cosmology, maths on toast, the stroke association will for the third year running be taking blood pressure, quizzes, horses, neuroscience, swimming fitness, dive in five, eco games, the science of swimming and more! And all for free.

We all volunteer, so any help, financial and other is welcome.  Thanks to EverythingBranded for giving us the most delicious wristbands.

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Due to the industry EverythingBranded works with many fantastic charities. As a group who rely on volunteers for our work, we were delighted when they were willing to produce some promotional merchandise for our cause.

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“We are delighted to be in a position where we are able to help out some of the most worthy and hardworking causes up and down the country.

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EverythingBranded Sponsors Brockwell Lido Fun Palace Wristbands for 2016

9.47am August 23, 2016

Entry with one of these gorgeous wristbands! Thanks to Everythingbranded.

12.56pm August 15, 2016

Delighted that EverythingBranded has sponsored our wristbands for this year's Brockwell Lido Fun Palace.  They are gorgeous!  And we are very appreciative!  Thanks to all at EverythingBranded for making it happen and making it happen fast.

Delighted by our sponsored wristbands. Thanks to Everythingbranded for saying YES!

12.56pm August 15, 2016


11.34am July 30, 2016

we have cheerleaders...and bats...yes bats...and probably, possibly, a bat walk around Brockwell Park on Saturday evening 1 Oct...up to 25 allowed...taking bookings FREE. Bats...and cheerleaders...kayaks...and magic...and maths...and science...and swimming...and swim fit and dive in five...and quizzes...and more...much more...Sunday 2 Oct 11-5.  Brockwell Lido.  Be there.  Tell your friends.  Come engage and learn and watch and play or just look at the sky.  It's a beautiful sky and the weather is set to be perfect for us again.

Line Up for 2016 Brockwell Lido Fun Palace!

8.04am July 6, 2016

The Line up for our Fun Palace is looking great.  Julie Gould, sports scientists joins us again, Windrush Triathletes will set new records, neuroscientist Lizzie Glennon and her team will need your help to try some experiments.  Barry the Illusioneer will keep the crowds amazed, Matt, Amie and Michelle will test your CSI skills, Lido Mike and Sarah have water sports for swimmers...and a 5 min HOW TO DIVE lesson. A new quiz from Joanna and Richard which will take you into the park and hopefully...some bat talk...yes, we have our our Bat Man...half price food from the Lido Cafe and free entry.  Be there!