Billund Fun Palace

Billund Fun Palace

Billund, Denmark, 7190

Hej Billundians. Billund needs more FUN right? So let’s make it happen together, create our fun palace and show each other what makes us and our place unique. Billund is a weird, small, amazingly diverse and sometimes smelly kind of town. It is filled with hidden creativity, passions and lots of pizza! What makes Billund a great place to be? YOU do! Maybe you skateboard, play kazoo, observe stars, invent machines. What would you like to share? Let’s do something different, together.

Info board in the library/ Oplysning om Billund Fun Palace i biblioteket

From idea to activity

Have you got an idea for an activity, but would like some help to plan and do it, or have you got questions about materials, space and what is possible?

Come along to one of our June Maker Meets - informal get togethers to meet other 'Fun Palace Makers; see how we can help you and each other and fine tune your ideas.

Har du en ide til en aktivitet, men vil gerne have hjælp til at planlægge og gøre det, eller har du spørgsmål om materialer, plads og hvad er muligt?

Mød op med andre 'Fun Palace Makers'. Få sparring om hvordan vi kan hjælpe dig og hinanden og skærpe dine ideer.   Thursday June 13/ Torsdag juni 13, 11.15 - 12.15, Billund Library/ Biblotek Sunday June 23/ Sondag juni 23, 16.00 - 17.00, Billund Library/ Biblotek

The story so far. Vision, ideas, offers, requests from our kick-off meeting.

How should our Fun Palace be?

Colourful Billund – something funny, artistic, creative which will bring colour in the city of Billund. Older people with young people. Happy, smiling, laughing people. A place to learn about other people – their passions, interests, hobbies, names, stories and what people want to do in this town for fun. A place to find out who shares my passions and interests. Information about Billund – where to find....?

What our Fun Palace should taste like                                     Food, Drink

There should be a lot of cake!  Different tastes, special/ old recipes and food from around the world since Billund’s citizens are all from different countries. Different kinds of coffee and tea and a crazy drinks station (non alcoholic so kids can participate).

Can you offer to teach:

  • ·         Danish food, f.eks frikadeller, Christmas recipes, drømmekage
  •        Making candy and sweets
  • ·         The Danish way of food preserving, jams, pickles etc.
  • ·         Fermentation, Kombucha
  • ·         A special or traditional recipe you make at home
  • ·         About local/ seasonal produce that we can forage
  • ·         About future food
  • ·         About tea or coffee flavours, ceremonies, traditions

Can you make in advance and bring:

  • ·         A dish to share for a potluck, shared meal
  • ·         Your favourite cake and copies of the recipe
  • ·         A cake for the cake challenge – make a creative cake that looks like an animal

Offers: Spanish Food (Elena), Drinks station (Kara), Potluck (Sidsel)

What our Fun Palace should sound like                       Music, Stories, Languages

There should be live music with people joining in singing and playing, with music from the whole world, including Cumbia, danish Christmas songs and Billie Elish songs. Orchestra’s of animal sounds and found objects and opportunities to try out instruments. We should create our best participative playlist, have a writers workshop and hear stand up comedy, slam poetry and stories. We’d like a human library, with older people telling hidden histories from Billund, like a book, or the stories made into puppet theatre. We should hear different languages and silence.

Can you offer to:

  • ·         Run a ‘have a go’ session on your own instrument/ an instrument in the music room
  • ·         Perform – music, poetry, comedy, and great if you can also get people to join in
  • ·         Read a story, for kids or adults
  • ·         Teach Danish Christmas songs
  • ·         Bring and share a campfire song
  • ·         Have a conversation with someone who wants to learn your language
  • ·         DJ

Offers: Piano recital (Regine), Have a go on bagpipes (Allan), Continuous campfire singalong (Sidsel), Language Café (Inka), Writers Workshop (no computer) Letters, poems, songlyrics, slogans, other text ideas (Helle?), Storytelling for kids in Danish (Birte), People of Billund (Auriane), Dream Playlist on the Bed (Lucy), Meditation (Molly)

We’d like to move it, move it….                                             Dance Sport Motion

Fun, movement and dance activities, acrobatic tricks you can do at home as a family and cosplay.

  • Can you offer to teach:
  • ·        A type of dance – group, folk, shared
  • ·         Cosplay and weaponry
  • ·         Acrobatics

Offers: Salsa (Lee), Fun Dance (Saumya), Yoga – stories, poses (Kathrin), Pilates (Nadd), Dansk kædedans (Ane Marie)

 … and play games                                                                                                   Games

In a a boardgame area, where you bring a board game and find people to play

 Can you:

  • ·         Bring a board game, play a board game: chess, othello, connect 4, mastermind etc

Offers: Chess (Shubh)

At our Fun Palace, we’d like to make, learn and do Arts, Craft, Tech, Digital, Science

Arts, crafts, old handwork methods and traditional arts, animation and jewellery making, a paper mache dinosaur and a knitted Billund Worm. A cardboard Fun Palace, badges and silly hats.

 Can you offer to teach:

  • ·         Scratch
  • ·         Slime making
  • ·         Skate ramp building
  • ·         Wood repair and carpentry
  • ·         Furniture Upholstery
  • ·         Quilling and paper cutting techniques
  • ·         Metalsmithing
  • ·         Casting
  • ·         Ceramics
  • ·         Sculpture
  • ·         Theatre
  • ·         Anything else science, tech, arts, craft, digital, nature, environment

Can you make and bring:

  • ·         A knitted or crocheted shape to add to the Billund Worm (Helle)

Offers: Fun with Maths (Inka), Anything dinosaur/ extinct animals (Niels), Metalsmithing (Sidsel, Kara, Niels), Ceramics (Niels), Sculpting (Niels), Knitting (Anne Mette), Henna Mehindi (Deepali), Junk Jewellery (Helle?), Origami (Lee), Photography (Lee), LEGO (Lee), Sewing (Tine), Quilling (Ivet), Mindful Drawing (Molly)

 Our Fun Palace should also be in the great outdoors

Building, sleeping, flying kites, cycling and tackling obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, open gardens and fun in the school’s indoor garden (Anne Mette)

 Can you:

  • ·         Run a kite making workshop
  • ·         Make and bring a kite to fly (Ridhima)

Mike’s outdoor ideas – what would you most like to do?:

  • ·         Rope Swings and Bridges in the woods
  • ·         Floating Parade down Billund Brook
  • ·         Sleep outs in fun, weird places
  • ·         ‘Get Lost Billund’ a fun wayfinding challenge with no technology except a compass and your growing (fading) map reading skills
  • ·         Guerilla Theater Billund Mystery Story ‘whole town escape room type treasure hunt’ Meow Wolf
  • ·         Street show festival, to reveal secret skills and hobbies
  • ·        Garage Barage Block Type Party – pub crawl where people tour other yards to see a little show of whatever kind

De sjove fakta hidtil

Dato: 5. oktober Hvor: Billund Skole Tid: tbc

Faciliteter: klasseværelser, haller, køkken, musikrum, bibliotek, værksted, keramikovn, symaskiner, grøn skærm, smedje, borde, stole

Hvorfor og hvad: En international kampagne for samfund i hjertet af kulturen. Del dine lidenskaber og færdigheder i en oplev lavet af og for samfundet. Noget f.eks. kunst, håndværk, musik, mad, motion, natur, videnskab, tech, digital, miljø, gør dit selv, sundhed

Manifesto: Sjovt, gratis, inklusiv, alle aldre, lokale og unikke for Billund, hands-on

Næste skridt:

  • Juni / august: Et par mindre møder til finjustering af aktiviteter og programmer
  • September: Opret brochure, udgiv, køb materialer
  • Oktober: gør det J

Hvordan kan vi hjælpe: Faciliteter, at købe materialer, reklame, find en ven

Sådan bidrager du:

The fun facts so far..

When: 5 October Where: Billund Skolen Time: tbc

Facilities: classrooms, halls, kitchen, music room, library, wood shop, kiln, sewing machines, green screen, smithy, tables, chairs

Why and what: An international campaign for communities at the heart of culture. Share your passions and skills in an event made by and for the community. Anything e.g. art, craft, music, food, sport, nature, science, tech, digital, environment, diy, health

Manifesto: Fun, free, Inclusive, all ages, local and unique to Billund, hands-on

Next Steps:
  • June/ August: A few, smaller meetups to fine tune activities and programme
  • September: Create brochure, publicise, buy materials
  • October: Do it J

How we can help: Facilities, help to buy materials, publicity, find a friend

How to contribute:

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Activity Offer Form

If you already have an idea for an activity that you could contribute to Billund Fun Palace - that is wonderful, thank you :-) Please use this form, to let us know what it is, what help you need to make it happen and how we can stay in touch with you.

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Billund Fun Palace Kick off meeting, Saturday 25 May, 10-12.30, Billund Skolen

What is your idea of fun? The thing that takes you to your happy, hyggelig place? Chances are, someone else here would love to join in with that thing, or try that thing out, or hear about it, or see it. Billund Fun Palace is looking for people to join in and create a unique experience for the community, through sharing something that you are really into. Maybe you like to cook, create fanzines, love animals, play chess, can fix things, dance, geek on games, grow tomatoes, keep bees.. The Fun Palace idea is that we Billundians, make our own fun, free, event on 5 October and in doing so, get to know more about the people in our tiny, toy town and try something different. Anything goes, it is your contribution that together with other people’s will make this a unique event. Come along to the Bilund Fun Palace kick-off meeting to find out more and see what we can create together. Find out more here: