Billund Fun Palace

Billund Fun Palace

Billund, Denmark, 7190

Hej Billundians. Billund needs more FUN right? So let’s make it happen together, create our fun palace and show each other what makes us and our place unique. Billund is a weird, small, amazingly diverse and sometimes smelly kind of town. It is filled with hidden creativity, passions and lots of pizza! What makes Billund a great place to be? YOU do! Maybe you skateboard, play kazoo, observe stars, invent machines. What would you like to share? Let’s do something different, together.

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Activity Offer Form

If you already have an idea for an activity that you could contribute to Billund Fun Palace - that is wonderful, thank you :-) Please use this form, to let us know what it is, what help you need to make it happen and how we can stay in touch with you.

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Billund Fun Palace Kick off meeting, Saturday 25 May, 10-12.30, Billund Skolen

What is your idea of fun? The thing that takes you to your happy, hyggelig place? Chances are, someone else here would love to join in with that thing, or try that thing out, or hear about it, or see it. Billund Fun Palace is looking for people to join in and create a unique experience for the community, through sharing something that you are really into. Maybe you like to cook, create fanzines, love animals, play chess, can fix things, dance, geek on games, grow tomatoes, keep bees.. The Fun Palace idea is that we Billundians, make our own fun, free, event on 5 October and in doing so, get to know more about the people in our tiny, toy town and try something different. Anything goes, it is your contribution that together with other people’s will make this a unique event. Come along to the Bilund Fun Palace kick-off meeting to find out more and see what we can create together. Find out more here: