Fun palaces

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Brixton Library Fun Palace

watch this space for more info! If you’d like to volunteer to support or contribute to our Fun Palace please email

Central Library – Stockport Libraries’ Fun Palace

Stockport Libraries wants to warmly welcome everyone into it’s Libraries to join in with Fun Palaces and experience a range of free, interactive and exciting arts and science activities which will be provided by local community groups. There will be a fabulous assortment of arts, crafts and science activities available to explore. So come along, have fun and learn something new! There are 4 Libraries to visit and each will be a unique experience.

Colchester Library’s Fun Palace

Colchester Library will be welcoming the community to share their passions and skills. Everyone an artist, everyone a scientist. Details to follow…

Dalton Creatives

Dalton Creatives are holding their very first Fun Palace in Cumbria this year. More details to come but put the dates in your diary and let us know if you would like to be involved.

Discover Fun Palace

Discover’s Children’s Forum take over the building by programming a day of fabulous FREE activities. They decide! Building on last year’s brilliant Story Machine it will be sure to be a brilliant day out.

Ellesmere Port Library Fun Palace

Do you have skills to share, would you like to meet new people. Come and join us to try lots of fun, hands on activities. Please get in touch if you would like to be involved.

Farnham Fun Palace

This page is all about process. It is about what happens as we make our 4th Fun Palace. You’ll see a lot of firsthand experiments, play, questions, thinking, learning, and yes, fun! We hope it inspires some of you to try a little bit of everything, make new connections and ultimately get involved.

Fun Palace @ Passmore Edwards Centre

At Passmore Edwards Centre, we aim to provide a Fun Palace right at the centre of our local community – run by the people of Newton Abbot, for the people of Newton Abbot. We will be facilitating a range of fun and free events throughout Saturday 7th October, welcoming local people of all ages to participate. Everyone an Artist, Everyone a Scientist.

Grange Big Local’s Fun Palace

Our Fun Palace will have music, things to make and do, sports to try and people to chat to. Grange Big Local is all about local people: their passions and talents.