Fun palaces

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Colchester Library’s Fun Palace

Colchester Library will be welcoming the community to share their passions and skills. Everyone an artist, everyone a scientist. Details to follow…

Fun Palace @ Passmore Edwards Centre

At Passmore Edwards Centre, we aim to provide a Fun Palace right at the centre of our local community – run by the people of Newton Abbot, for the people of Newton Abbot. We will be facilitating a range of fun and free events throughout Saturday 7th October, welcoming local people of all ages to participate. Everyone an Artist, Everyone a Scientist.

Gillingham Library’s Fun Palace

Gillingham Library will be will be bubbling over with artists and scientists offering everyone a chance to experience something new and exciting about some of the liquids around us. We’ll have fascinating scientific experiments from The James Dyson Foundation for everyone and hands on demonstrations by young scientists from the award winning team at Gillingham School. We’ll explore sonar science with experts from Thales. Adults and children can learn more about the life of the river Stour in “River Matters” with the team from Wessex Water. There’s extraordinary bubble fun to be experienced with Asda’s community team and you can learn about the Science of Wine with one of the experts from Waitrose and, of course, sample some too (over 18s only). Everyone will have an opportunity to get arty with free taster sessions including paper marbling, a water colour technique called Brusho and the terraFLOW project’s River Stour art. Take time to admire what’s being created locally by you and people like you. We’re not going to tell you everything that’s planned, that would spoil the fun! We are saying is: Whether you are 8 or 88 come and experience something new at your local Fun Palace!

Lewisham Disability’s Fun Palace

We want to celebrate the creative energy of disabled people and people with mental health needs in Lewisham through a visual and performance arts festival that is open to the whole community.

St James’s Piccadilly Eco Fun Palace

We aim to build on last year’s Eco Fun Palace, and make a celebration of planet Earth on Harvest Sunday. We have many talented individuals and groups in our geographically dispersed community, and an amazing range of science and arts organisations very close by, who are ready to explore new forms of cultural engagement with the natural world.

Wisbech Community Fun Palace

STEAM fun for all! If you’re a local Scientist, Technologist, Engineer, Artist/maker or Mathemetician, or just love the idea of mixing it all together, come and play with us – show us what you can do and share your knowledge with everyone!