Fun palaces

Discover’s Fun Palace

Enter our Fun Palace hosted by Discover’s Childen’s Forum and help them to create a story sculpture throughout the day.

STUDIO POP’s Fun Palace

STUDIO POP fills site gaps and makes green spaces in cities. We design, play and make ecological buildings, community gardens and DIY workshops. We offer hand-on ecological experiences by regenerating urban gaps through live clinic, craft-remaking and pop-up design. We work in Glasgow, UK and Europe. STUDIO POP is a new social enterprise based in Scotland. We work alongside deprived communities to creatively co-design and activate greener and healthier public spaces, public art and open workshops

Chelmsford Library’s Fun Palace

It will have a number of ‘Zones’ for children, tech, science, performance, skills, learning, etc. We hope to have a number of performers and exhibitors and much audience participation.

St Mary’s Fun Castle

Come to St Mary’s and join local artists, writers and volunteers to help us create three dynamic new tapestries celebrating modern Hastings & the Bayeux Tapestry. Children will be able to take part in exciting drawing, writing and crafting activities which teach them different ways to tell stories through art and allow them to work together to design tapestries which will rival Bayeux!

Tamesides’ Fun Palace

Tameside is bringing together smile makers, laughter takers and inspiration givers to offer a free fun palace highlighting many of the groups, organisations and businesses around the region. Each will offer activities and hands on learning from the Universities of the Streets. We want to ensure as many people as possible can experience as many different skills as possible so if you want to sew, change a tyre, find out how to play a trumpet, fly a kite, launch a rocket, sing or dance, come along.

Northfield Superheroes Fun Palace

Northfield Fun Palace is back! Hosted by Northfield Arts Forum, we’re bringing together artists and scientists across South Birmingham for a free superhero-themed festival for all ages. Design a costume, make potions, build a lair – and nominate your local superhero! Interested in helping make Northfield Fun Palace? Email, we’d love to hear from you!

Arts Centre Washington Fun Palace

Art and science meet in a day of fun filled activities! Join us for a fun day of activities celebrating Arts and Science. Taking inspiration from our 3D Glitch exhibition there will be loads things to see and do for the whole family. Fun Palaces are about creating and making together: they are a space where arts and sciences, fun and learning meet, working alongside and working together! More information will be available leading up to the event.

Half Moon’s Fun Palace

Join us at Half Moon Theatre on Saturday 1st October as we get creative around recycling, sustainable energy and the environment. Young people and their families are invited to get involved in music making, visual art and craft, gardening and science experiments. There’s also the chance to get swept away by magical storytelling before making your own smoothie on a bike!

Cheshire Record Office’s Fun Palace

Ink, paper, scissors! Come create and craft with us in our Fun Palace! We’re playing with the stuff our records are made of … ‘The Ink Well’ – write your name Tudor style and what’s a wasp and an oak tree got do with the ink? ‘The Paper Mill’ – fold, bind and cut – what gives paper its crafty qualities? ‘The Wax Works’ – signed, sealed, delivered – have a go with our medieval seals. Come help us break our record office rules for a day – there will be ink, paper, scissors!