Fun palaces

Theatre Charniere’s Fun Palace

Ateliers de création et de découvertes : modelage, impression 3D, lecture, théâtre, musique, chant, danse, jonglage Spectacles et concerts Repas coopératifs Expositions Une fête de création et de re-création. Théâtre Charnière, Atelier de création Fracasse, Les Ben’s Arts, Les Chiens Têtes Hautes, Esa Nocona, Pas a Passos and others, and others.

Muriwai’s Fun Palace

We’re planning on inviting as many of our community members as possible, to share whatever they feel like! There are many active groups within our diverse community (including crafty/arty, kids-orientated, outdoor, recreation etc) – as well as some incredibly talented individuals (!) and we’d like bring them all together for one day. Having an inter-generational experience is important. As is meeting new people, and mingling/learning from those we would not usually cross paths with.

Lincoln Performing Arts Centre’s Fun Palace

From 29 September to 2 October we’re hosting Pop Out Festival, a celebration of art outside the ordinary, featuring pop-up theatre and performance. On the Saturday and Sunday to coincide with the Fun Palaces Weekend we’re throwing open our doors and turning our building and outside space into one big Fun Palace where our communities will get a chance to come up with ideas for, share and take part in free arts and science activities.

Nottingham Castle’s Fun Palace

To coincide with an exhibition of the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci, including some of his anatomical studies, at Nottingham Castle Museum, the Fun Palace will offer a series of drop-in creative workshops for children and young people (and their families) in which they will explore the macroscopic and microscopic world of human anatomy, physiology and pathology and interpret them in drawings, in movement and drama, and other artworks.

The Spring’s Fun Palace

The Spring’s Fun palace will showcase toys especially Scalextric looking at the change from tin to plastic, and the design and development of Toys over time.

Belper Fun Palace

Belper’s first Fun Palace will be held in Number 28 on the Market Place. There will be creative and scientific activities for all age groups to join in with and a cafe for refreshments.

Upwell Fun Palace

A brand new Fun Palace in East Anglia. This will be an opportunity for people in the fascinating area of the Fens to see what is going on in their immediate locale.