Maths on Toast Pumpkin Bauble Fun Palace


Join Maths on Toast for a pumpkin bauble making Facebook Live on Saturday 3rd October at 11am and discover how 2D circles can be used to create 3D spheres. No carving or sticky pumpkin innards to deal with, just lots of creative maths fun – and a bit of sticky glue! Design, decorate and display your unique pumpkins for neighbours, friends and passers-by to see and enjoy. You could even make a shared creation by hanging strings of pumpkin baubles in numerous windows along your street.

Whatever you decide, we would love for you to share your creations with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram – just tag @mathsontoast

And if you’re looking for more creartive maths fun, click for plenty more craft, colouring, games, activities, tips and ideas.

*If you can’t make our Facebook Live event on Saturday, you will find instructions here

Primary Contact


Date and Time

Friday 1st October 2021 11:00


This Fun Palace is taking place online

Greater London,
United Kingdom
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What you’ll need:

·       Orange paper or white paper and orange pencils/felt tip pens

·       Pencil

·       Compass or something circular to draw around

·       Scissors

·       Glue

·       String, ribbon or thread


Posted 29/09/2020 by Susan Bugby
Posted 29/09/2020 by Susan Bugby

Posted 29/09/2020 by Susan Bugby