Boundary Estate Fun Palace

The resident-led Boundary Estate Fun Palace is returning for our 5th year with a full range of free arts, science, sports, craft and debate in St. Hilda’s East Community Centre, E2, and the Boundary Estate courtyards.

Primary Contact

Boundary Estate Fun Palace

Date and Time

Saturday 3rd October 2020 11:00-17:00


St. Hilda's East Community Centre,
Club Row,
Greater London,
United Kingdom,
E2 7EY

For the fifth year we’re taking over St. Hilda’s East Community Centre at the heart of the Boundary Estate. St. Hilda’s is a fully wheelchair-accessible building.

Boundary Estate FP6.jpeg



We’re pleased to be back for our fifth year to make our resident-led Boundary Estate community Fun Palace, where once again St. Hilda’s East Community Centre will be filled to the rafters with a huge range of free activities covering arts, science, sport, craft and tech for everyone to try. Our theme this year will be community and equality – something that has been at the heart of our Fun Palace since it started but something that, at this time, is more important than ever.

We’re delighted that historian, author and broadcaster Dr. Matthew Sweet will be joining us to host our Fun Palace debate, amongst his knowledge and interests Matthew is a great Joan Littlewood aficionado, (Joan is inspiration for Fun Palaces).

We’re also delighted that our great friend Dr. Sai Pathmanathan, science educator extraordinaire, will be joining us for the fifth time bringing friends and activities from the Royal College of Pathologists with hands-on experiments for everyone.

Posted 17/03/2020 by Philip Green