Biodanza Fun Palace


In this Online Palace we dance to rediscover the joy of living, the pleasure of moving to music, and the fun of expressing ourselves without saying a word. We enjoy playful dances and also heart-opening moments that make us feel human again. You don´t need to know how to dance. You just need to be willing to try something new and to be open to the experience.

Primary Contact

Date and Time

Friday 1st October 2021 19:00-21:00


This Fun Palace is taking place online

Park Lane,
Bristol City,
United Kingdom,

This is an online event on Zoom, please email for the link. Thank you

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Biodanza is a system of music and movement that unleashes your vitality for healthy living. Whatever your age and fitness level, Biodanza is for you. It’s easy, fun, and will leave you feeling happy, energised and fully alive. It’s about learning to dance with life and rediscovering the joy of living.

We dance to a wide variety of music types, genres or styles. We select music that triggers positive emotions and an instinctive rhythmic response (a strong desire to move along to it), e.g. Brazilian samba, traditional jazz, African drums, tango, Latin, classical, etc. In the first part of the class we use music that stimulates vitality, action and vital energy. In the second half we use relaxing music that helps to rebalance the body. 

The session consists of a sequence of 13 dance/movement exercises, all of which are first explained by the facilitator, who will then invite you to dance in your own unique way, inspired by the music and the suggestions given. Expect some playful dances to help break the ice and stimulate natural, spontaneous movements. 

Like chocolate, Biodanza can’t be described, it needs to be tasted! So come along and have a go! Wear comfortable clothes, bring some water to drink, and bring your friends too!