Fun Palaces workshops

Fun Palaces Workshops

Fun Palaces Workshops are for anyone, anywhere interested in making a local Fun Palace

Fun Palaces workshops support organisations (eg Library areas, Housing Associations), venues (galleries, theatres, science centres, museums etc), community groups and individuals to come together to begin talking, planning and developing useful links, skills-sharing and local networks.

While many people attending our workshops go on to make a local Fun Palace, we have been told that workshops are valuable as staff development, in making connections between varied groups in a local area, and – something we take very seriously – in supporting those individuals who don’t feel they have much to contribute or are often left out to step up and take part.

People say:

Most useful was listening to people’s ideas and thinking about what I/we could do. I can’t think of anything that could have been done better.

I’ve created art events with communities but it was really inspiring to understand how to incorporate science (not my background) into the mix.

It helped us in seeing that we could do something small scale instead of worrying about putting on a big event.

Great opportunity to hear the impact Fun Palaces have had, whilst also being able to meet other people from the area who we could work with in the future.

What Happens?

For a building or organisation we can explore why and how you can throw open the doors of your spaces, and welcome your local community to take part in your current plans and future dreams – and theirs.

For an individual or group we can help you make local links, join with community groups, and find you support from our experienced Makers.

Practically, we start off by explaining the basics of Fun Palaces, and then run a hands-on session for people to connect with each other, get an idea of what making a Fun Palace entails and how it can work for them. We end with a Q&A to ensure everyone feels comfortable about what they’re taking on.

We aim to bring people together who would not otherwise meet and to start making things happen – this might be making a local Fun Palace or other events that matter to your community.

Our workshops are also useful for training and professional development; we encourage participation as widely as possible from within an organisation, e.g. different levels – managers and assistants, paid staff and volunteers – the wider the range, the better the buy-in and support, the better the Fun Palace AND the workplace.

Fun Palaces workshops take approx 3 hours and work well with 20-40 participants – we can work with more if necessary.

We have run workshops all across the UK, in Norway, Portugal and in Aotearoa/New Zealand. We’re happy to come to you wherever you are!

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