How To Get Involved

Make a Tiny Fun Palace on 30th Sept-2nd Oct 2022!


You! And, if you like, your household, friends, colleagues, other dog-walkers, neighbours on the Covid Mutual Aid or WhatsApp group. A tiny Fun Palace can be solo or with a tiny team. If making your Fun Palace outside your home, plan it by chatting on the estate balcony or from your windows, by phone, letter or message.


Your tiny Fun Palace can be whatever you want it to be. Since lockdown, the Fun Palaces community have been sharing Tiny Revolutions of Connection, which you could browse for ideas.


Anywhere you can connect. If you have windows facing a street or courtyard, use windows as a stage, gallery or lectern. Use an area in a park, a noticeboard, a shop window. Phone and online Fun Palaces are good too. Closed venues can use windows or the pavement.


The first weekend in October (30th Sept – 2nd Oct). 20 minutes is fine – a street singalong. All weekend is fine – a town-wide exhibition of everyone’s oldest possession, with residents standing at windows or doors to share their objects with passers-by.


Because creativity in community can change the world for the better, to celebrate each other, remember those we have lost and to connect with our neighbours.


Sign-ups open Spring 2022. Click ‘Make a Fun Palace’ at the top-right corner of this page, create an account, and then register your Fun Palace. You’ll need to add a title, a brief description, and a location to make your Fun Palace appear on the 2022 map. Then start spreading the word!

Get the word out!

To spread the word about your Fun Palace, download our Publicity Toolkit.

This year, we are also making three extra suggestions:

1. If you need to, keep it small
Fun Palaces are for everybody, but your Fun Palace might not have room for everyone at once. You might want to keep your advertising very local, but do try to invite people who you wouldn’t normally meet. 

Download our Fun Palaces invitations, fill them in and post them through your neighbours’ doors (even the ones you’ve never spoken to).

2. A lot of tiny voices can make big noises 
Help spread awareness of Fun Palaces by putting up a Fun Palaces Happening Here poster in your front window or garden.

Let us know what’s happening at your Fun Palace on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by tagging us and using the #FunPalaces hashtag.

3. Local press
Contact local newspapers, radio stations and blogs about your Fun Palace.  Even if your Fun Palace is really tiny, journalists may still be interested in the positive impact on your community and that you’re part of an event happening nationally and internationally.

Some inspiration…

During the UK lock-downs, Fun Palaces Makers have shared practical, tiny steps which anyone can take to connect with others in their local community or pass time creatively in self-isolation. Fun Palaces have been sharing these as Tiny Revolutions of Connection. If you’re looking for ideas for your Fun Palace, they’re a great starting point (and if you have an idea you would like to share on the page, do get in touch).

Here are a few to start you off

Download our mini-guide

Download our 1000 Tiny Fun Palaces mini-guide and share it offline with friends and neighbours.

COVID-19 Safety Guidance

See guidance on Safety during Covid-19


Sharing YOUR ideas for staying connected offline as well as online – connecting safely in community.