Sharing the Fun Palaces Campaign on Fun Palaces Weekend

We know our Makers understand that Fun Palaces is about much more than the weekend – it’s about the meetings you’ve been having with your neighbours, colleagues and friends for the past months, weeks and days to create your Fun Palace together. It’s about the ideas you’ve worked on, getting to know each other, discovering untapped resources in your own community. It’s about developing new skills – and polishing up old ones – to make your Fun Palace.

We want people who come to your Fun Palace to know that they can join in – either making a Fun Palace next year or with other local events all year round. We also want them to know that YOU made this for, by and with your own community.

Here’s a few ideas about sharing this information – feel free to send us additions to this list, you know your community better than we do.

  1. Use these posters to let people know that you’re part of a campaign – a campaign to shout about community at the heart of culture and culture at the heart of community, a campaign about making a difference locally : A4 campaign poster colour, A4 campaign poster B&W, A3 campaign poster colour, A3 campaign poster B&W
  2. Use the hashtag #FunPalaces and follow it to see what else is happening worldwide on the weekend.
  3. Use this poster to let those at your Fun Palace know about the hashtag and get them sharing your Fun Palace on social media : A4 social media poster colour, A4 social media poster b&w, A3 social media poster colour, A3 social media poster b&w
  4. Direct your participants to other local Fun Palaces – make a sign telling people how to get from your Fun Palace to another, or share info about your programmes with each other so local people can create a link between you.
  5. Ask people to do take part in our participant survey – it’s what gives us all the great stories we share in our evaluations.
  6. Ask the evaluators asking the participant survey questions to tell the people they speak to that they’re part of a national and international weekend about community involvement.
  7. If you have a tannoy (or megaphone?!) tell your participants you’re part of a much wider network of amazing people all over the UK and worldwide, creating by, for and with their own communities.
  8. If you have a spare computer or tablet, show our website (or map or Maker section) so that people taking part know they’re part of something that links your community to hundreds of other communities.
  9. If you don’t have a computer or tablet you could make a display with the same info – print a picture of YOUR Fun Palace in the very middle of our map of hundreds of others.

What else? You tell us and we’ll add to this list – the more of us in the campaign, the more we can celebrate your community.