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Making a Fun Palace with people with dementia, their carers – and everyone else!

“There is no door on our unit and people who come in often might not actively seek out becoming involved in a project like ours … We work with those with dementia and their carers as well as people from all backgrounds and ages. We all have a story to tell.”

Fun Palacing with XR Farnham

“What is necessary to remember is that as a creative community we can help. We have the resources to communicate issues to participants and we have the skills, knowingly or not, to enact change.”

“Generous, radical creativity in action …”

The “Fun Palace Maker” hat is really helpful as it’s a conversation starter and there is enormous strength in being part of an ever-growing international movement.

Handing Over Our Library Space to the Community

We have had some fabulous heart-wrenching, scary, wonderful moments being part of Fun Palaces. And a big part of that was letting go and handing over our library space to the community and saying it’s yours, what would you like to do?

From Workshops to Fun Palaces Converts

After a training session with Fun Palaces in 2017 we decided to start running Fun Palaces in Hertfordshire and the feedback has been really positive.

Maker Stories from 2017

We asked a variety of Makers about their Fun Palaces experience