Logos & Posters

Banner logo

The Fun Palace banner logo is provided in English and Welsh in hi-resolution PNG formats.

English Version with transparency (1.6mb)

English Version on white background (1.5mb)

NEW! Welsh Version (Palasau Hwyl) with transparency  (1.8mb)


The Fun Palace illustration is provided as a high and medium-resolution JPEG, a hi-res transparent illustration PSD and we’ve also included three medium-resolution cropped JPEGs:

Hi-res full illustration (on white background) (31mb)

Hi-res full illustration (transparent) (40mb)

Medium-res full illustration (3mb)

Minecraft image (3mb)

Library image (10mb)

Science room image (3mb)

These are the logos from our main supporters

The Albany


Paul Hamlyn Foundation

2017 Posters & Flyers

A5 pdf version – flyer (4mb)

A4 pdf version (3mb)

A3 pdf version (7mb)

Fun_Palace_a5_2 page (word doc 2mb)

Fun_Palace_a4_1 page (word doc 2mb)