Logos & Posters

Banner logo

The Fun Palace banner logo is provided in English and Welsh in hi-resolution PNG formats.

English Version with transparency (1.6mb)

English Version on white background (1.5mb)

Welsh Version (Palasau Hwyl) with transparency  (1.8mb)


The Fun Palace illustration is provided as a high and medium-resolution JPEG, a hi-res transparent illustration PSD and we’ve also included three medium-resolution cropped JPEGs:

Hi-res full illustration (on white background) (31mb)

Hi-res full illustration (transparent) (40mb)

Medium-res full illustration (3mb)

Minecraft image (3mb)

Library image (10mb)

Science room image (3mb)

These are the logos from our main supporters

The Albany


Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK Branch)

2018 Posters & Flyers

We’ll have new posters and flyers ready soon. In the meantime if you need a poster to advertise a planning meeting you can use one of these:

A4 pdf version (3mb)

A3 pdf version (7mb)