Logos, Posters & Outdoor Banners

2019 Weekend Poster

UK Fun Palaces – so that your participants know you are part of a UK-wide event, we’ve created these posters you can download and print in either A3 or A4. Add the number of Fun Palaces at the last minute – we’re definitely over 350! – and add a X for your Fun Palace, connecting it with the ‘our Fun Palace’ label. (We hope to add global ones for 2020.) nb – it’s an illustration only, we know some of you aren’t on this map – please add yourself!

A3 Map 2019

A4 Map 2019

Banner logo/Logo baner

The Fun Palace banner logo is provided in English and Welsh in hi-resolution PNG formats.
Darperir y logo baner Palas Hwyl yn Gymraeg a Saesneg mewn fformatau PNG manylder uwch.

English Version with transparency (1.6mb)

English Version on white background (1.5mb)

Welsh Version (Palasau Hwyl) with transparency  (1.8mb)

Irish Version (Pálás Sproi) with transparency (3mb)


The Fun Palace illustration, designed by Emily Medley, is provided as a high and medium-resolution JPEG, a hi-res transparent illustration PSD and we’ve also included three medium-resolution cropped JPEGs:

Hi-res full illustration (on white background) (31mb)

Hi-res full illustration (transparent) (40mb)

Medium-res full illustration (3mb)

Minecraft image (3mb)

Library image (10mb)

Science room image (3mb)

These are the logos from our main supporters

The Albany

The National Lottery Community Fund


Paul Hamlyn Foundation

2019 Posters & Flyers (English)

nb – we welcome anyone and everyone making Fun Palaces, please make sure you’ve signed up with us so we know you’re joining in the campaign for community at the heart of culture. If you haven’t signed up yet, here’s the link.

PDFs so you can download and over-print your own details or add them in by hand:

Print Then Design Your Own Fun Palaces Poster – A3

Print Then Design Your Own Fun Palaces Poster – A4

Print Then Design Your Own Fun Palaces Flyer – A5

or .doc versions so you can add your own design before printing

Design Your Own Fun Palaces Poster on PC or Mac – Word File

Design Your Own Fun Palaces Flyer on PC or Mac – Word File

Posteri a Thaflenni 2019 (Cymraeg a Saesneg/Welsh & English)

Fersiynau PDF i’w lawrlwytho ac argraffu eich manylion eich hun arnynt neu ysgrifennu arnynt â llaw

Argraffu Wedyn Dylunio Eich Poster Palas Hwyl Eich Hun – A3

Argraffu Wedyn Dylunio Eich Poster Palas Hwyl Eich Hun – A4

Argraffu Wedyn Dylunio Eich Taflen Palas Hwyl Eich Hun – A5

Neu fersiynau .doc i chi ychwanegu eich cynllun eich hun cyn argraffu

Dylunio Eich Poster Palas Hwyl Eich Hun ar PC neu Mac – Ffeil Word

Dylunio Eich Taflen Palas Hwyl Eich Hun ar PC neu Mac – Ffeil Word

Professional printing

If you wish to professionally print your posters, they can be be provided print-ready with crop marks, please email: daniel@danielkingcommunications.com

Argraffu proffesiynol

Os dymunwch argraffu’ch posteri’n broffesiynol gellir eu darparu gyda marciau tocio’n barod i’w hargraffu, gyrrwch e-bost i: daniel@danielkingcommunications.com

Outdoor Banners to Advertise your Fun Palace

Outdoor banner designs to advertise your Fun Palace

Ordering your banner: unfortunately we’re not able to offer outdoor banners free of charge. Good value banners can be purchased from £15, here.  Orders should be placed directly with a banner supplier.

If you need an alternative size banner or would like to modify the design for a specific purpose, please contact daniel@danielkingcommunications.com to discuss what’s possible.

Baneri Awyr Agored i Hysbysebu eich Palas Hwyl

Dyluniadau baner awyr agored i hysbysebu eich Palas Hwyl

Archebu eich baner: yn anffodus, allwn ni ddim gynnig baneri awyr agored am ddim. Gallwch brynu baneri gwerth eu harian yn dechrau o £15, yma. Dylid gosod archebion yn uniongyrchol gyda chyflenwr baneri.

Os oes angen baneri o faint arall neu fe hoffech addasu’r dyluniad at ddiben penodol, cysylltwch â daniel@danielkingcommunications.com i drafod beth sy’n bosib.