Can I make a Fun Palace?

YES! Anyone and everyone is welcome to make a Fun Palace. The Guidelines are that it is Free, Local, Innovative, Transformative and Engaging. Here are the five easy steps to making a Fun Palace.  You will need to sign up your Fun Palace and take responsibility for making it happen, on whatever scale you decide to go for, from a couple of hours to the full weekend, from a small gathering to a large event. Here’s how some people and places made their Fun Palaces : How Did They Do It?

Where do Fun Palaces happen?

Anywhere and everywhere, in large venues and small halls, libraries and schools, public squares, private gardens, and a swimming pool. Wherever you can imagine creating a local, community-led event, that’s a great place to make a Fun Palace.

Does a Fun Palace have to exist in a physical space?

You can make a Fun Palace wherever you want and that includes using digital technology. We encourage you to think differently – for example, we know that people are talking about making a Fun Palace in Minecraft, or Fun Palaces that are podcasts.

How can I get people to come to our Fun Palace?

There’s loads of help about promoting your Fun Palace in the Toolkit.

Where does the idea come from?

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, theatre director Joan Littlewood and architect Cedric Price devised the Fun Palace as a ‘laboratory of fun’ and ‘a university of the streets’. Find out more about the early and current Fun Palace ideas.

Read about how this campaign got started.

How do I find people in arts and science to make a Fun Palace with me?

Read our worksheet on bringing arts and sciences together.

Go beyond the usual suspects: the people who make school dinners know about the science of cooking, the person who mends your car knows a lot about the science of mechanics; your local librarian knows about arts and sciences and where to find out more.

Think about where you might be able to approach people in your locality: makerspaces, tech meet-ups, universities, schools, children’s centres, theatres, arts spaces, galleries, museums, music venues, community centres, co-working spaces. Places where people are meeting and sharing regularly, or where there’s a strong grassroots support network.

The British Science Association have great volunteer networks already set up and are often looking for community events to engage with. Have a look at their volunteer branches here and get in touch.

You can always contact us at Fun Palaces HQ : hello@funpalaces.co.uk.  We all work part time, so we might not get back to you immediately, but we’re very happy to discuss your ideas and do our best to help.

How can I get funding for our Fun Palace?

People who worked with Joan on her original ideas told us that they thought we should make Fun Palaces with a ‘beg, borrow and steal’ mentality. It’s always worth asking – a space could be borrowed for free, people may lend you the equipment you need, or local shops might want to contribute to something that benefits their locality. If everyone in your community wants to make it together, it’s possible that a Fun Palace doesn’t need to cost anything at all (Farnham Fun Palace made theirs for under £20 in 2014!, with lots of donations and great community spirit) but if that seems impossible for you, check out these suggestions:


How can I get information and guidance for making our Fun Palace?

Have a look at our Toolkit for loads of useful ideas and suggestions.

There are also nine great short films here, with everything from how it was in 2014 and 2015, to specific tips on arts & science, funding, getting your community to join in – all from Fun Palaces Makers who have done it and know what they’re talking about.

If you still have questions, then get in touch or talk to other members of the Fun Palace community on Twitter.

I’m having trouble filling in/editing our Fun Palace page, can you help?

Yes, all of us at Fun Palaces HQ work part time, but if you contact us at hello@funpalaces.co.uk, one of us will get back to you as soon as we can.

Who’s in charge?

Each of the Fun Palaces are run by different people in every place and it’s up to them and their community (and you!) to decide what happens at their local Fun Palace.

Find out more about the team running the project as a whole.