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This is a space for Fun Palace makers, venues and participants to talk, share, question and discuss what their Fun Palaces might be and how best to achieve their aims.

Farnham Fun Palace asks : Why choose to make when you could buy?

Today someone asked me why we bother building our Fun Palace (=transforming the venue, bit by bit, without the help of professionals, with recycled and reclaimed materials) when we could buy what we need, have it ...

2014 : How was it for you?

Tell us what you thought of Fun Palaces 2014. We’d love to hear about your experiences, whether you made a Fun Palace or went along to your local one. If you don’t want to comment, that’s ...

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What Would Joan Do?

The place to share our Fun Palace dilemmas and ask ourselves, ask the experts, or make brave guesses at what Joan Littlewood might have done.

I’m a Fun Palace maker without a venue!

Do you have skills and talents but no venue for your Fun Palace? Whether you're an individual, a company or an organisation, this is the place to post about what you can offer to venues who ...

What Should I Put in a Fun Palace?

A thread  for Fun Palace makers who want to share, discuss and get inspiration as they plan and programme their events.