Bridgwater Library Fun Palace

Bridgwater Library Fun Palace

The Library, Bridgwater, Somerset, UK, TA6 3LF

7th October, 2017 - 10:00AM - 1:00PM

Our Fun Palace is SCIENCE FICTION/SCIENCE FACT and we have lots of fun things to do: Come and train as a Jedi with our Jedi masters. You’ll get to make a Lego star fighter, navigate a laser maze and learn some Jedi moves with your light sabre to pass out as a fully fledged Jedi! It’s not all about science fiction though! Come in and learn how to make a Sun Print, how to create a cloud in a bottle and lots more, plus some photographic fun with your mobile phone.


Looking for a science teacher/enthusiast to help children and adults with some simple weather experiments

Please contact Nadja on 01278 450177 if you live in the Bridgwater area and would like to help