Fun palaces

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artsdepot’s Fun Palace

artsdepot’s Fun Palace will see every corner of the building filled with fun and creative activities for all ages. More info coming soon.

Barnstaple Library Fun Palace!

Enjoy a fun, creative, community Fun Palace at Barnstaple Library. With Belly Dancing, Drawing, 3D maker fun & Laughter Yoga! What can you contribute to our Fun palace? Can you play an instrument? Share a skill? Contact us:

BedPop Fun Palaces

Now in its 4th year, BedPop Fun Palaces bring Art, Science & Culture to multiple venues in the heart of Bedford.

Boundary Estate Fun Palace

We are bringing back the Boundary Estate Fun Palace for the third time – and this time it is going to be bigger and better than ever. We’ll be at St. Hilda’s East on Saturday 6th October and Rich Mix on Sunday 7th, and as always there will be a huge range of arts, science and sports for everyone to try for free. Keep watching for regular updates and exciting news.

Fun Palace at Krowji 2018

Building on the overwhelmingly positive experience of last year’s Fun Palace at Krowji we will once again be inviting the local community into Krowji to interact with artists, learn techniques and try out FREE hands-on activities. Fun Palace at Krowji 2018 will see a number of artists gathered together in one space here at Krowji to showcase activities, workshops and demonstrations based on ‘The science of creativity and the art of science’.


Half Moon’s Fun Palace returns for a third thrilling year! This time around we’ll explore the exciting world of nature through creativity and family fun. Join us for music making and movement, art sessions, craft workshops, planting seeds, mayhem making and much, much more as children and their families take part in hands-on science experiments, get creative all around the theatre building and garden and immerse themselves in geology, wildlife, living plants and animals.

Lincoln Library Fun Palace

We are looking for help from local schools,community partners and our library users to set up a fun and interesting day here at Lincoln Library. If anyone would like to come along and have fun with us please contact the library for further information. We would like to have some dance, music, painting, sport, crafting and obviously chocolate at our events. Any other ideas, skills or talents will be gratefully received.

Theatre Royal Stratford East

Theatre Royal Stratford East is the home of Joan Littlewood – the person who wanted to build the Fun Palace, a radical venue offering culture, science and education to people from all backgrounds. We’ll be continuing her legacy opening opening our doors to the community we are so closely connected to for a day of fun activities and workshops.