Fun Palaces Workshops

“As someone without kids, I feel like there’s a whole world that’s not open to me and that I’d like to be a part of – I might like to spend a night in a museum! Fun Palaces feels exciting to me because it offers space for adults to have fun, and that’s so important”

– Workshop Participant 2016.

Are you working as part of an organisation such as a staff team, a library group, friends of a museum or local community network? Perhaps you are a keen activist want to bring Fun Palaces to your local community? A Fun Palaces workshop could be a key way to get all of your staff/local community members involved and taking ownership in the making of your Fun Palace, sharing and developing their own skills, as well as thinking about new ways to hand over your venue space to the people that live locally to it.

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Our workshops will help you find out more about our work, explore why and how you can throw open the doors of your buildings and organisations, and welcome your local community to take part in your current plans and future dreams – and theirs. Our work is as much about the process of making a Fun Palace as it is about what you do on the weekend – we are not about getting better volunteers, but about building communities with our cultural assets at their heart, unearthing brilliant work and people already doing great stuff in your local community. Our workshops aim to support people to take part in our ongoing campaign for locally-led culture for, by and with all.

What do the Workshops Involve?

A workshop involves us explaining the basics of Fun Palaces, and running a hands-on session so people can connect with each other, get an idea of what making a Fun Palace entails and how it can work for them. We end with a Q&A to ensure everyone feels comfortable about what they’re taking on. We aim to bring people together who would not otherwise meet, and to start making things happen – this might mean making a local Fun Palace, but also other possibilities that matter to your community. Our workshops are also useful for training and professional development; we encourage participation as widely as possible from within an organisation, e.g. different levels – managers and assistants, paid staff and volunteers – the wider the range, the better the buy-in and support, the better the Fun Palace. Fun Palaces workshops take approx 3 hours and work well with 20-40 participants – we can work with more if necessary.

We want our workshops to be available to everyone but as we have limited funds, we do have to charge for them. However, we are always up for chatting things through to see if we can arrange something that works for your budget, so please get in touch.