Fun Palaces Campaign

Since we started this work in 2013 we have often been asked to contribute speeches, articles, papers and Fun Palaces’ thinking to ongoing debates around engagement, participation, inclusion, diversity, community, culture – all the things we are passionate about, and learning more, year on year.

Here are links to the articles and blogs, starting with the most recent.

October 2017, for Huffington Post : Fun is Not Just for Kids

July 2017, for BBC Radio 4, Stella was part of a panel children, families and happiness on Bringing Up Britain

July 2017, for BBC Radio 3, Stella was part of a panel on Matthew Arnold’s Culture and Anarchy

July 2017, for DCMS : Fun Palaces and Digital Culture

June 2017, for the Guardian : On Excellence and Inclusion

March 2017, for UK Theatre : Fun Palaces and Theatre

February 2017, for DCMS Libraries Taskforce : Fun Palaces and Libraries

January 2017 : Call to Action 2017

September 2016, for Huffington Post : Creativity in Community

March 2016, for CLOA : Fun Palaces and Local Culture for CLOA

March 2016,  for A Restless Art : Why Joan Littlewood Matters

June 2015, We Need to Talk about ‘Excellence’

May 2015, a post-election Call to Action

February 2015, Everyone Creative (ref the Warwick Report)

February 2015, for the Guardian : Excellence of Engagement and Participation

October 2014, Fun Palaces and the Architects

March 2014, for the Guardian on the BBC’s “Arts for Everyone” and going outside the M25

September 2013, for Lyn Gardner’s Guardian blog

July 2013, Stella speech at Shift Happens