Fun Palaces 2018

We’re very excited to share our gorgeous new film in which Fun Palaces Makers from 2018 talk about why Fun Palaces matter to them.

And here is our evaluation for 2018.

Some highlights:
In 2018 there were 433 Fun Palaces made by approximately 9000 Makers with 110,000 local people taking part. While this is a small drop in the number of Makers and participants, it’s a leap in the number of Fun Palaces from 2017 by almost 20%. We’re very excited by this because it backs up our conversations with Makers telling us that more of the Fun Palaces in 2018 were made by community groups in local venues and led by more grassroots organisations. And much as we welcome big shiny venues to make Fun Palaces (and love it when they genuinely hand over their spaces to the local community!) we know that leadership by and for local people is at the core of our work.

We are delighted that in 2018 40% of Maker teams included people under 18, 41% included people over 65 and 22% of Maker teams included BOTH people under 18 AND people over 65.
91% of Lead Makers told us that their Fun Palace created a stronger sense of community spirit and 85% of participants agreed that it made them feel proud of where they live.
Really importantly, 73% of Makers say that their Fun Palace helped some people feel less lonely.
This is the core of our work, supporting local people to use Fun Palaces to build connections and friendships in their own community and, through the wider network of Fun Palaces, Makers and Ambassadors, to connect communities nationally and internationally.

Fun Palaces 2018 maps – click each image to enlarge

Fun Palaces 2018 in pictures