Fun Palaces 2017

Here’s our 2017 film, with Makers from all of the past years and a call to action for our fifth birthday in 2018.

And here’s our 2017 evaluation.

In 2017 there were 362 Fun Palaces made by 13,750 Makers with 126,000 people taking part, and we collected more data than ever before.
Since we started the surveys in 2015 both Makers and participants have become more diverse year on year, and a greater proportion have lived in the most deprived postcodes. 64% of Maker teams included people from an ethnic minority, 28% included disabled people and 21% of Maker teams included people both over the age of 65 and under 18.
We are proud of the diversity of Fun Palaces and Fun Palaces Makers and participants, and seek to do even more work in this area, to challenge ourselves to increase accessibility to anyone who wants to create genuinely inclusive culture at a grassroots and local level, and also to support other organisations to do the same.

Fun Palaces 2017 maps – click each image to enlarge

Fun Palaces 2017 in pictures