Fun Palaces 2016

Fun Palaces Evaluation 2016

Here’s our 2016 film, showcasing some of the thousands of Makers creating by and for their own communities.

And here’s Fun Palaces 2016 Evaluation.
In 2015 we began collecting demographic data and were proud of the diversity our small samples suggested.
In 2016 we were able to collect far larger and more robust samples, showing that Fun Palaces reaches and includes a very wide demographic. 62% of Maker teams included people from an ethnic minority and 27% of Maker teams included disabled people.

“In an area regularly labelled as economically, culturally and educationally deprived, a Fun Palace says you can learn, you can have fun, you are welcome and you are worth celebrating. These things are vital if we, and the community we’re part of, is to flourish.” Northfield Fun Palace, Birmingham

How It Was

On 1 & 2 October 2016, 292 Fun Palaces took place across the UK and the world.

From Derry to Dover, Taunton to Trondheim, Waiheke Island to West Norwood, each Fun Palace celebrated its own unique community and the skills and interests of those who live there. In 2016 they were made by 4,800 Fun Palace Makers with over 124,000 people joining in.

We are proud that 59% of all Fun Palaces in 2016 happened in libraries across the world. Libraries told us it helped widen their offer as spaces for hands-on participation and welcomed new people in – of the participants surveyed 52% had not visited the library before. As one Maker said “it completely fits in with our ethos of community engagement and libraries as place-makers within a community where local people are enabled to share their skills and learn from each other.”

Fun Palaces 2016 – where they happened

Fun Palaces 2016 – in pictures